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Hey there. I've been looking for a bit to replace my current macBook pro 2015, and from what I've found, I managed to find a laptop with a AMD based GPU (Meaning hopefully more integrated support with macOS). But I have been hearing some pretty mixed responses on if it would or wouldn't work as a hack, and have heard the term "mux connector" thrown around a bit. I obviously want to see if it's possible to get the latest macOS (Mojave) running on the system.

Heres the laptop

Please tell me what you think, and if its possible to hack, Thanks! :thumbup:


That won't hackintosh.

MUX is short for multiplexor. It basically means that the dGPU and iGPU both have an output, and a hardware "switchbox" IC called a multiplexor changes which one is connected to the display. Laptops with this setup are few and far between , but it is the only way to get a working dGPU on a laptop in macOS.
Most laptops use a setup where the dGPU is connected to the iGPU and its output is passed through that. macOS doesn't support this, thus only the iGPU is functional.

For most laptops you will be stuck with the Intel integrated graphics on macOS.

Note how I said Intel there. AMD laptops are a bad choice overall, and unsupported just because of the sheer amount of broken things.

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