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[email protected] wrote: Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:49 pm Hi,
Can I run the High Sierra on this equipment and Mojave in the future? Is the hardware compatible?
Or is there another X470 motherboard you can recommend?

Thank You
For High Sierra yes the build could work, you have to test it, for mojave not with Video asceleration, because there is no nvidia webdrivers for Mojave, and I think there will not be more support... even cuda does'nt work anymore even in Mojave, there is a few Mac devices that they still have Nvidia GPUs but even official apple machines with Nvidia gpus, cuda has no more support just until High Sierra.

If you want Mojave you have to get a Radeon RX 560/570/580/590/Vega 56/Vega 64... anyaway be aware that Nvidia works really bad in Ryzen or AMD Hackintosh builds, AMD RAdeon works better, but not like a Intel Hackintosh... there are some performance problems, glitches, artifacts, etc etc... if you will not use Final cut (the performance is really bad and there is a few artifacts and glitches) better you have to keep using windows... if you want to make a experiment to check how well Mac OS Works in your machine as a hobbie is ok, I have a Ryzen 3900X and I am testing how is it going Mac in Ryzen, but I use Windows for heavy work because I can not rely in the Ryzentosh yet... hope the patches improves in the future, or Apple releases a Machine with AMD Processors...

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