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Help with AMD OS X after installation.


Game in windows :thumbup:
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But is not an only gaming issue, I have a GTX 1060 and when I'm working in Sketch I have low graphics performance too.
Sagformas wrote:Only 30 fps in CineBench.
20 Fps in Heaven.
Games unplayable.. D: World of Warcraft 25 FPS to 1080p :(
Is sad to say this but if you want for Videoediting, 3D modeling, games, you have to keep windows man, or use a Radeon Video Card, because Nvidia with Webdrivers with AMD Hackintosh works really bad... even with a Radeon the performance is not that good like an Intel Hackintosh, and the more powerful the VGA is, the more performance ratio loss you have, for example, the RX 560 works like in my Intel Hackintosh, the RX 570 has a 30% performance loss, the RX 590 has around 3% 40%, the Vega 64 40%!!!!!, and my Radeon VII has the half of the perfomance if I compare with my Intel Hackintosh. I have all those videocards and I tested with a Ryzen 9 3900X.

Man with a nvidia video card, and a AMD processor, you have to use Windows man, hope one day the patches works better for videocards, or if you want more performance a Radeon Video card, but for now the RX 590 for me would the maximum videocard I will install in a Ryzen Processor, more powerfull than that and the perfomance loss is too big.

Other thing one day ago there is a new AMD Ryzen patches that improves the performance in Radeon Cards, in Nvidia I don't know if improves the performance, because I don't use nvidia because I use mojave and I had to move one year ago to Radeon, but to be honest I am super happy, because even in windows, the radeon has right now a lot of performance and every driver release the performance gets better and better, for example, when the Vega 64 was released, it could no beat a GTX 1080, it was to close to a GTx 1070, and right now with the lastest drivers, it beats a GTX 1080 easily... and in MacOS since 10.14.5 the VEga 64 beats my old GTX 1080 ti in games in osx, all pro apps with a really big margin of course in OSX... I don't miss cuda at all, davinci, adobe, final god the expoert took just the half of the time...but of course in an intel hackintosh... You have to keep mac os for testing and hobbie and test the future updates of the patches to look if the performance increase...

For gaming osx is a joke... almost nobody gaming in osx, maybe in a Intel Hackintosh because the performance is better than a real mac, because in a real mac gaming is so so bad, because all macs have thermal throttling problems and the chips can not perform as good as the desktop versions... but anyway to gaming in mac is a bad joke to be honest... and if you want to gaming in MAc OS, you have to do it in an intel hackintosh.... or maybe in case you want to still do it in you ryzen hackintosh, you have to use a radeon vga... the nvidia with the webdrivers have really really bad performance...

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