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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
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by: AlGrey
@BenObi2000, run postinstall again


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by: AlGrey
@BenObi2000, please add specs.
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by: ProjectV8
Thanks for the tutorial Norton. Congratulations. :clap:

I followed as indicated in the tutorial but did not succeed.
The sistem only goes up when I put 0x28 and 0x67. 0x3 does not start the system, so I put 0x67. In fact my system after installed was all the time with 0x28 and 0x67.

After the process my bluetooth adapter is not recognized, but I think maybe it is the model, a generic:
(Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.)
   Product ID: 0x0001
   Vendor ID: 0x0a12 (Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.)
   Version: 19.15
   Location ID: 0x00800000 / 4.
(specs obtained from USB tab System Information)

Have a Nice Day. :thumbup:
Hi @Norton287

I've tried the kexts you provided for a genuine iMac7,1 with updated BROADCOM BCM943602CS combo card (WiFi + Bluetooth).
Note: this card works OOB for every version of macOS, excluding Mojave.

Once I had the kexts installed, bluetooth started to work (handoff etc. too).
I have an Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless keyboard, also those work, with the exception of mouse scrolling.

Any idea of what might be the issue, or where I should start to look to find out where it goes wrong?

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