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by: bornzaim
Hello !

I recently build a new config and was trying to reinstall my hackintosh (10.15.4) but I ran into some trouble...

The config is: Ryzen 9 3950x, MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi and a MSI RTX 5700 XT Gaming X
I followed and read every step from the detailed tutorial from https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Desktop-Guide/ and everything is going smooth, installation is going +- 20/25 minute and then the reboot I pick to boot on drive but shortly after the macOS Installer.app is having from my understanding a Kernel related issue.

Installer Log: https://pastebin.com/raw/qy8NCTAG
OpenCore Log: https://pastebin.com/raw/k2EgCzpg

But my EFI seems using the recommended patch for the Zen series so I'm unsure at this point what is causing the issue, so if someone with a better knowledge could check it out and help me trying figure it out :clap:

(1.31 MiB) Downloaded 50 times


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by: bigmillz
Literally having the same issue but slightly different installer log. I'm going to make a separate thread for mine, hope we can both sort this out!
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by: bornzaim
Yea I really am not sure about what's wrong here all kext are up-to date I've tried alternative BIOS settings but the result is always the same so I'm not sure ATM :mrgreen:
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I've tried to switch GPU still wasn't successful...
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Up still wasn't able to get it further than this macOS Installer.app crash :lol:
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