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by: aclysma
I have not verified super-thoroughly, but here's what works:
- Audio through DP/HDMI
- Onboard Ethernet
- Sensors on the GPU for temperature/clock/power (but not CPU)
- iMessage

I tried running a game just to stress the GPU and there's some weird static/clicking noises that happen every time a frame is drawn. I'm not sure what it's from, I tend to think it's the GPU. I may need to boot to windows later to see if it happens there. It doesn't happen in normal usage.

* ApfsDriverLoader.efi
* FwRuntimeServices.efi
* VBoxHfs.efi
* VirtualSmc.efi

* AppleALC
* AppleMCEReporterDisabler
* Lilu
* NVMeFix
* SmallTree-Intel-211-AT-PCIe-GBE.kext
* VirtualSMC
* WhateverGreen

Boot Args: -v debug=0x100 keepsyms=1 alcid=7 npci=0x2000

Some notes on the process. I'll try to mention some things that went well and that I had trouble with in the hopes that it helps others and as feedback to people maintaining the guides. In short, all the necessary information is there, it's just there is so much of it that it's easy to miss something important. I don't mean it as a complaint! Just want to share a first-time-follower's perspective :)
* Used these docs to figure out how to build the boot drive: https://khronokernel-2.gitbook.io/openc ... top-guide/
* The process of getting macOS was easy.
* Creating the initial USB flash went smoothly. It's documented, but a bit odd, in order to pick an option in the USB flash, have to combine the number/letter like "1C" for installing open core to drive 1.
* Setting the proper BIOS settings is tricky since it seems a bit different for each. I think I:
** Disabled fast boot
** Wiped the secure boot keys (likely set from when I installed windows)
** Virtualization support
* Building the config.plist was the most difficult part:
** Adding the patches to the list was not too bad, I'm comfortable with XML so I carefully patched those in manually with a text editor
** ProperTree is great, saved a bunch of time by looking at the USB drive and setting up the correct kexts, etc.
** GenSMBIOS was straightforward, I went through about 10 keys to find an appropriate one
** The most confusing part of the process was the SSDT/Embedded Controller bit. For whatever reason I missed the docs here: https://khronokernel.github.io/Getting- ... -easy.html - I ended up finding acpidump.exe on my own, but confirmed mine was EC0
** Setting the rest of the parameters is a bit intimidating because of the sheer number of them, but the sample was mostly correct. Just need to spend the 30 minutes or so to go through it all.
** The opencore config.plist sanity checker is fantastic: https://opencore.slowgeek.com
* Setting up the EFI boot partition was easy so that the USB drive is no longer required to boot was straightforward but I didn't find the docs for this and had to ask in discord. It is under "Creating the USB - macOS install" but I didn't read through that one because I did the USB drive setup on windows.

System seems stable. The whole process took about 10-15 hours, mostly reading. The only problem I had really was getting stuck at "PCI Configuration Begin", adding npci=0x2000 to boot args fixed it.

Thanks to everyone who is working on the drivers, tooling for installing, and creating/maintaining the docs. Having done it once now, I think it's cleaner and more transparent what's going on and it would be easier to do it again than to use clover and other older tools.
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(This is Catalina 10.15.3 as an iMacPro1,1)
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