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by: coldbeyound
Hi guys,

Probably this question has been asked already, however, I want to clarify a few things in my head.
So I am lurking this forum and Hackintosh Reddit for the last few months. I can't decide if I should go intel or AMD.
I will write down my reasons/objections and please let me know.

1. I wanted to go AMD due to the better prices.
2. It will be used primarily with the final cut / Davinci resolve for 4k video editing and the internet.
3. I assume I don't need quick sync as Imac pro don't have it?
4. In viewtopic.php?t=9025, a user named Bioraft, says he has both Ryzen and Intel machine and says the Ryzen is less reliable, however when I read around, other people say it is working fine.
5. Can you track temps, fan speeds if I go ryzen hack? It was written fans spin full speed all the time?



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by: Apophis
1. Better Price/Performance and Performance/Watt for AMD and contrary to Intel AMD does not force you to buy new motherboards for new CPUs as frequently
2. Cannot comment specifically to video editing
3. You can use the dedicated GPU instead
4. First generation Ryzen systems may have had more issues, my Ryzen 2 runs very well. There are just some quirks when running MacOS (Mic not working with AppleALC, Sleep is more tricky with Ryzen etc)
5. I went with VirtualSMC so I currently only have CPU Temp (https://github.com/trulyspinach/SMCAMDProcessor) but fan support is in the works according to the author. BIOS controls fans just fine with PWM, you can set the fan curve there pretty easily.
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