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I would like to share my little experience in debugging for this task:
with the great help of @algrey i have tested many things without success
With a VM and with a kernel debug (thanks to algrey for it) i have done all steps suggested to investigate trx40 problem
No joy
I have also bought an USB to serial port adapter to try to check with serial debug output where trx40 fails (bootloader or kernelpatches)
But USB to serial adapter seems to have needed of a driver for opencore or clover because inside windows is working and it logs all things) but not functioning during the short process of opencore booting till memmap errors

So for now, if you need of OSX do not buy this new (and great) platform
I have found no others people investigating seriously in this task (only @algrey is been very useful on this) and other user like @DSM2
I hope in a better future for this..but for now stay away if you need to use Hack ;)
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I am glad to have found the forum and this thread as I just finished my TRX40 + 3970x build, and I am eager to help get MacOS running on this thing :)

I am using the ASRock TRX40 Creator as mobo. Hoping there will be some developments soon for the TRX40 stuff and I'm down to help us get there!

BTW will be my second hackintosh build, I had one of the first 9900k builds w/ a GB Aorus Pro so I do know my way around a bit. I've done SSDT's in the past so I might be of a little help with mapping stuff at some point. Coming here to show support and interest in the beginning phases. Seems like only a matter of time until the TRX40 is supported. If I can somehow be of help just tag me here!
iosengineer wrote: Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:07 am Hey @DSM2 , thanks for sharing your experience with C621 and C422 (and X299 for that matter). I'm really fascinated by your work on the Dominus Extreme board issue! If you happen to have another blog or forum post about this, I'd definitely read it out of personal interest.

To everyone and also @Allubz in particular, several updates from my side:
  • I was able to get macOS booting in a VM. This works in both VMWare ESXi (free for personal use), as well as Debian with Proxmox packages installed.
  • Note that the mce=off boot argument is required on Threadripper 3 until you have the system installed and can upgrade to the recently-released 5.4 linux kernel, which does eliminate the need for the mce=off argument. Because of the mce=off issue, although I was able to install Proxmox directly, I couldn't find how to set that boot argument after the installation and thus went with Debian 10 + Proxmox packages.
  • Then use the KVM / virt-manager stuff, which also many excellent guides online. This guide was fast and flawless: https://github.com/kholia/OSX-KVM, and I've heard this one is excellent too: https://passthroughpo.st/new-and-improv ... he-basics/
  • Finally, although booting on the machine natively is not yet possible, I wanted to share that the hypervisor overhead is confirmed at only about 3%. Running GeekBench 5.1 inside the virtual environment posted a single-core score (typically the toughest to get optimized) of ~1260, which is FASTER than any available Mac, including every configuration of the Mac Pro and iMac Pro.
Although someday it may be possible to boot natively, the performance in the VM is so excellent that the extra PCIe lanes of the Threadripper platform are worth it. Also, it is possible to pass through entire PCIe devices which worked fine for me, such as the Radeon VII being natively recognized. iCloud, iMessage and App Store work fine.

Lastly, in parallel with this I did buy and set up a C246 chipset motherboard with Xeon E-2288G processor. I can highly recommend this to anyone who wants 8 fast cores (may not need 24, but they go up to 5.0GHz max and have hyperthreading), can benefit from ECC / uses ZFS, etc. If you don't need ECC then you can just get a 9900KS. Thunderbolt 3 works great; I haven't installed the settings required for hot-plug, but several true Thunderbolt devices work, including a Promise Pegasus2 R6, Thunderbolt 3 PCIe enclosure with an ATTO SAS 12Gb/s card, and a Thunderbolt 3 NVMe enclosure.

This Xeon E not give you a lot of PCIE bandwidth, but it's a great value with used motherboards available for $150 and the chip only $550. I'm also loading up the Threadripper with Intel datacenter SSDs from eBay (only 18 months old), and can saturate an Infiniband or Thunderbolt 3 network to the Xeon if I find any reason to use the bare-metal machine but benefit from most of the performance of a ZFS instance with a large L2ARC cache.
Very much appreciated! I'll give it a shot and wait until some development of TRX40 happens. In the meantime I'm open to anyone who has suggestions and can point me in a direction of testing code or parts.
Designare has a good pci ex slot layout and has a big benefit with titan Ridge thunderbolt card in its bundle
You have to choice following your necessity and budget
Whwn someone unlock early KP stage..all motherboard will work in my opinion
I'm building a 3970x and Radeon 5700 XT computer. I'd love to get Hackintosh running too!
SoerenL wrote: Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:30 pm Hi, I see several people mentioning the Gigabyte Designare mainboard. Anybody have any recommendation which mainboard(s) odds would be in favour of working at some point ?
I got an ASUS TRX4 ROG STRIX TRX40-E GAMING. Not really sure if it's the best choice but it has a good quality/price ratio and I saw that other "ASUS ROG STRIX" models (on Intel) have been used succesfully for stable hackintosh builds.
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