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I have used this configuration

and was able to install Catalina on my:
Threadripper 1920x,
Aorus Gaming 7 X399,
Radeon Vega 64 and

I have only one problem - my bluetooth doesn't work although it should natively like in project linked above ( Fenvi t919 is almost the same as WTXUP).

After installing there was no Bluetooth in "My Mac" section, but i have deleted X399 ZenithAlpha USB Port kext and now i can see it, but there is BT adres like and system says it is Ericsson, not Broadcom.

What can i do? Do i have to install some kexts? This Bluetooth is fully workable in Windows.
And what for is this USB ports kext? Do i have to make it for my X399 Aorus?


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