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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: QuickTime
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After updating to 10.15.2, I suddenly found that my Intel bluetooth from my Asus X570 TUF Gaming Plus (Wifi) is now recognized and working. Does anyone experienced the same?


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by: CaseySJ

This is intriguing... Are you able to Turn Bluetooth Off? In other words, in System Preferences --> Bluetooth, is the Turn Bluetooth Off button grayed out or available?
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by: QuickTime
@CaseySJ, no it is not possible to turn off
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I can't get it to work reliably, it is somehow not working but it is still recognized and see iCloud synced devices, just stopped connecting to my BT trackpad/keyboard
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by: CaseySJ
If you boot into Windows and subsequently soft-boot into macOS, then this happens. Windows initializes the Intel Wireless AC-9260 device and installs firmware onto the Bluetooth module, but it's unreliable in macOS.

I use a Fenvi FV-T919, but it's also necessary to hide the on-board Bluetooth module from macOS by disabling the USB port on which it attaches. This is done with a simple SSDT.
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by: QuickTime
Ah that makes sense. I booted into Windows and updated everything with ASUS utilities etc.

Can you elaborate how to identify which ports to block and how in SSDT? @CaseySJ
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by: CaseySJ

There are 2 main steps:
  1. Determine which port the internal Bluetooth module is connected to. This is done by downloading and running IORegistryExplorer and looking through the XHC0, XHC1, XHC2... devices. Each USB device will be seen here connected to a specific USB port name. USB port names might be HS01, HS02, ... or SS01, SS02, ... or PRT1, PRT2, ... In my case, internal Bluetooth is connected to PRT2.
  2. Then we create an SSDT to block this port in macOS. It's easy to create this when you see an example of it. I've attached mine here but it is specific to my mainboard.
If you'd like help with this...
  • Run IORegistryExplorer and then select File --> Save As... to export the IOReg file. Post that file.
  • Then download and run MaciASL which is available on the Acidanthera repository on GitHub (same one where OpenCore, Lilu, and WhateverGreen are found). It should open your system DSDT automatically. Then save it with File --> Save As... and post that file as well.
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by: QuickTime
@CaseySJ, thanks! I was trying to do a full USB map to fix sleep with a kext. I just removed that port and it is not showing up any more and back to Broadcom.

I can also turn off the bluetooth in motherboard - as I do not go into Windows often.

However I did not fix the sleep issue.
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