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Just wanted to chime in and say I got a similar build up and running (built it after looking at this post, albeit without the TB card/5k monitor). Runs super smooth (everything working but sleep), only thing I wish I had was temperature monitoring (kind of feel like i am running blind without it). Thanks for posting! Ironically runs smoother for me than the windows drive

One thing that is interesting: My sleep mode works (under shut down menu by pressing sleep, it turns off the cpu/fans) but when waking from sleep, the screen will not turn back on unless i start typing on the keyboard after the cpu/motherboard have been reinitialized. If you dont start typing, the screen will not turn back on and it will go back to sleep. Small price to pay for working sleep mode though!


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by: CaseySJ

ASRock BIOS has two Thunderbolt-related settings:
  • Advanced --> AMD PBS --> Thunderbolt
  • Advanced --> AMD PBS --> Security
Have you connected either (a) USB-C flash drives or (b) any Thunderbolt 3 devices other than a monitor? Do those devices work when you enable Thunderbolt and set Security to No Security?

Is your Audio Interface a Thunderbolt device or USB-C device?

Hot plug will most likely not work without an SSDT injection, so it will be necessary to connect USB-C and TB3 devices before booting macOS.

Regarding WiFi and Bluetooth, the on-board Intel Wireless module is not compatible with macOS, but there's no need to remove it because it will work properly under Windows. Instead, we can install a Fenvi FV-T919 Broadcom card from Amazon or NewEgg. It will work natively in macOS without any third-party kexts -- truly plug and play.

However, we need to disable the USB port on which the Intel Wireless module connects Bluetooth. This can be done by first identifying the USB port in IORegistryExplorer and creating a simple SSDT that sets the ACPI device status to 0. If you can provide your system's IOReg output (from IORegistryExplorer, select File --> Save As...) I can provide the SSDT. Then simply copy the SSDT to your CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder.
Hi, I'm a new member of the forum. I'd like to create a Ryzentosh, I have the ASRock X570 Taichi, Ryzen 3700X, Sapphire Readon Nitro + RX 590 SE (8Gb). Unfortunately it crashes at startup (Mojave) on End Randomseed. You can help me, thanks. ;)
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