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I just built a new machine using a Gigabyte B450 Pro Wifi (1.0) as the mobo, The ethernet is the Inter I211.
I am using the vanilla method along with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wACjS8XRLo as reference.

My kext/other folder currently contains :

*my ethernet connection is fine, works in windows, even by bios sees the network connection*

When I book into the USB drive recovery and go to Network Utils, there is no connection.
ifconfig shows no EN0 or ETH0 devices.

and so as expected, when I go to install OSX I get the "server could not be reached" message.

At this point I have tried every network kext I can find with no luck.

Any help at this point would be appreciated.
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It's a bug with Clover at the moment. Open the kext up in Windows and open the Info.plist in a text editor. I recommend Notepad++. Change the info for OSBundleRequired at the bottom to match this,
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