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by: asdfasdfasa

I am following this guide and I guess did everything correctly:

I tried various bios settings, UEFI, USB, disabled everything else, but it won't boot from USB - no error messages, it just boots into windows from the SSD no matter what setting I have in the bios.

HW: ryzen 5 2600x, asrock b450m pro4
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Ok I reinstalled everything and now it boots, but the following happens:

I get a text only Clover (no gui like on some youtube videos); I can choose to boot MacOs Mojave, and then some text appears and it stops after this:

Start FinalizeBootStruct
Start RandomSeed
End RandomSeed
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I have found this explanation regarding memory mapping, as it seems that ram is not detected correctly:

https://hackintosher.com/forums/thread/ ... mbios.365/

But my settings (dual channel, g.skill, 8192mb, 2133mhz, slot count 4 and placement in slots 1 and 3) have no effect, same error :(
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Ok I actived some more stuff in Clover and it now goes through a lot of text, and then loads the Darwin Kernel (version 10.6.0), the last message I see is

"locating kexts", then blue screen and instant reboot.

Any help appreciated.


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by: asdfasdfasa
thank you, will try :)
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it worked with your guide Shaneee, thanks so much!!!
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