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Tutorials for the installation and post install.
(update: this method should work on new ryzen chips) i used my old hard drive from my ryzen 7 1700 to ryzen 7 3700x and it worked!

Before i get started you will need a mac laptop or desktop or hackintosh already working to complete this guide.
Hello first i would like to thank everyone that helped me, specially Shaneee!! In no way do i take credit for any of the hard work that him and others made to make this work. I decided to share my efi files because they use only the necessary kext and it should be a clean vanilla install.
I personally installed high sierra on my ryzen machine and mac os mojave and tested these files. iMessage works!! Please read everything before you attempt
NOTE: there are no web drivers for mojave so nvidia graphic cards wont have full acceleration/ wont work.
- for high sierra you can still use nvidia web drivers(performance is not good with Nvidia cards on Ryzen Hackintosh)
amd card should work automatically after intsallation on both mojave or high sierra
rx 580 ect

here are my specs and mobo settings:
ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.7
32 gigs of ddr4 @ 3000mhz
msi x370 gaming pro carbon
gtx 1080 stock speeds

My motherboard settings are :
go to oc / cpu feature/ disable IOMMU , disable svm mode, enable And enable cool and quite

UEFI mode
Usb configuration / enable XHCI handoff and enable legacy usb support

Make sure you use UEFI mode only.
If you use UEFI and legacy installation will fail

Lets get started you will need a mac laptop or desktop to follow this guide! You will need to have a bit of experience with hackintosh, ill be providing the necessary files, you will have to google how to make the usb installer of either mac os high sierra or mac os mojave on your own. Please check this link to see what version of both mac os work for the installer for mojave or high sierra. if you use a version that is not supported the usb wont load.

Here are the Clover / Efi files you need for the usb installation
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G8Ga9Z ... sp=sharing
folders included are , high sierra , mojave, tools

FYI:if you decide to use windows to create the usb installer you can still use my clover files for high sierra or mojave.

if you use these commands to create your usb rename your usb to usb
sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USB

once you have created your usb installer of either high sierra or mojave use pandoras box(its included in a tools folder included in my google link) to mount your usb efi partition
copy over the efi folder from my package to your usb efi partition depending on what version of mac os version your using , i labeled them. Once you have done this boot from usb and hopefully it boots to installer.
Different motherboard might have different settings google them.

once you boot into installer you need to format your hard drive and install.
Note: on mojave i was able to install into my m.2 hard drive no issues. If you use a regular hard drive or ssd, disconnect other drives that you have connect it.

Note: on high sierra i was not able to install on my m.2 drive. i kept getting an error that mac os cannot install on this computer. I had to unplug all hard drives expect the one im using for the high sierra installation. Dont try to install into hard drive via usb adaptor it will fail. i was trying to do that.
i installed into a regular hard drive. took a while

once installation is complete you will need to use your usb installer to boot into your mac os hard drive
hopefully you were able to install mac os on your hard drive at this point. Once you have booted into the main screen you can use pandoras box to mount your usb efi and hard drive efi. Then just copy efi from usb to your hard drive. You wont need to use usb after this.

Setting up imessage.
once your installation is complete open you're config.plist
-located in your hard drive efi partition EFI/CLOVER/config.plist
using clover configurator open the config.plist and go to smbios tab.
Generate a random serial number
then open imessage debug ( included in my package )

copy the SmUUID from imessage debug and paste it in the smbios SmUUID section

this should work for high sierra and Mojave

AMD cards should boot on both Mojave and high Sierra example rx 580.

Nvidia cards don’t work on Mojave

If you are using nvidia card on high Sierra:
Once you are booted into high sierra your going to need to download nvdia web driver.
open termial and copy and paste this command

bash <(curl -s https://vulgo.github.io/webdriver) 387.
before you reboot open your config.plist
go to graphic tab and tick Inject EDID
then go to system parameters and tick NvidiaWeb
And disable verbose in boot tab.

Once your in Mojave I think you can disable verbose as well, I don’t have a amd graphic card can’t confirm.

if you need audio for your monitor speakers let me know i can extend this guide.
also for high sierra sometimes it boots into black screen. i have to unplug and plug back in my display port cabel to see clover. havent found a fix for this.
if i use two monitors this doesnt seem to be an issue.

good luck!!
some helpfull videos


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