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by: musicomputer
Hello, I have found some problems while installing macOS. I have Athlon 760k, Apacer ddr3 1600MHz 8gb RAM, ASUS a55bm-e motherboard, I-Cafe 7850 1GB graphics card( Maybe it is made by colorful.), Seagate st1000dm010 1TB HDD. And I have made macOS 10.13.3( HighSierraAMD) by Shaneee ran on it . But my screen is ‘no signal’ except I boot the system with ‘-radvesa’, although I have tried all the method that I have found or thought.
First above all, my graphics card is HD7850 1GB, my screen supports 1360*768 for max resolution and only VGA port; there are DVI, HDMI and DP ports on graphics card, DVI to VGA adapter for monitor VGA port.( So I need signal cross the DVI analogue Port, and at least need this.) Second, I have used radeon bios decoder and AMD Framebuffer Utility, but they haven’t show the graphics card’s HotPlugID for me, and some control flags. Third, I have search on the Internet by Baidu, bing, and Google lowly. There are the pictures that can show how I have learnt.Image
Finally, I have found, I can’t use ‘Inject ATi’. It will stuck at the round betweens ‘WindowsServer xxx IOConsoleUsers xxx’ to empty. ‘-radoff’, ‘-raddvi’, ‘-rad24’, ‘gfxrst=1’, ‘-radpg=15’ are all uselessly. Boot into safe mode by ‘-x’? It will ask me “does printf work??” after OSx2AptioFix2Drv! CSM mode can’t be disabled by BIOS alert.( It can be disabled in BIOS setting mode, but the screen will be without signal while booting after disabled.) Secure Boot is Windows UEFI mode now, and I have cleared all the secure key.( So RadeonDeInit is used or not? It is said RadeonDeInit needs Windows UEFI mode, CSM off. However, this is in my config.plist.)
The Framebuffer, I am puzzled at HotPlugID. I have tried the ID form original or 00, but all is no useful. And, I don’t know how to fill the clover’s port blank. There are three ports on my graphics card, DVI, HDMI and DP; but I know there ports sending digital signal and one sending analogue, DVI-I Digital, HDMI, DP, and DVI-I analogue. So, three in truth but four in logical, this makes me with unknown.
Such as:
0400 0000 1402 0000 0001 0200 0000 0000 00 10 00 05 0000 0000
I have made this for DVI-I analog port, 0400 0000 for DDVI, 1402 0000 for control flag for DVI-I, 0001 0200 for feature include display mode(DVI), feature( Use Internal), order( this number for the second display port) and unknown( this is 01 in DP original frame buffer and 00 in others.), 00 for transmitter( Digital to Analog in Double link), 0000 0000 for code by Sierra, 10 for encoder( analog encoder) ,00 for HotPlugID( I don’t know which I should fill for.),05 for senseID,0000 0000 for the last Sierra code. But this haven’t been helping me.
So, can you help me?
Thanks and best wishes for you.
ROM of Graphics card: https://pagedown.wodemo.net/file/506993


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