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@Shaneee If I'm experiencing this kind of error does that mean the attached rp shell script is not working properly?

Kext rejected due to improper filesystem permissions: <OSKext 0x7f897ef0b190 [0x7fff9ee1f980]> { URL = "Mach.kext/ -- file:///Volumes/RyzentoshHighSierra/System/Library/Extensions/System.kext/PlugIns/", ID = "com.apple.kpi.mach" }
Rejecting invalid/inauthentic kext for bundle id com.apple.kpi.mach at location Mach.kext/ -- file:///Volumes/RyzentoshHighSierra/System/Library/Extensions/System.kext/PlugIns/.
SoftRAID.kext - no compatible dependency found for com.apple.kpi.mach.



After upgrading the system from 10.13.3 to 10.013.6 using the tutorial my system now not booting up (Thanks for suggesting to backup the system I am still able to use the clone). Showing this error again and again.
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OPEMU:   cmp dword [rbx], 0xfeedfacf
Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue.

Note: The installation went smoothly no errors whatsoever.
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by: Trust1
i can confirm that this update won't work like described in the video.
I tried also suggestions to remove the nvweb driver. I get the same errors like Mido_fido and others. The installer won't run clean and exits with the described log. sad but true. Also tried the .4 and .5 combo updates. Wont work on my machine either.
Looking forward for a complete installer...
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by: johnwick_
:thumbup: hi Shaneee ,
thanks a lot for your nice tutorial , it really helps me to upgrade to 10.13.6.
but i found a imperfect place that temperature software can't detect the temperature properly, it always shows zero, do you know any solution to improve that?
anyway , your tutorial helps me to hackintosh my ryzen PC, i'm really appreciate it XD!
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by: Ilham Nur
hi shanee, im trying to update my hs, i installed hs v3 from amd osx, and following ur guide in the video, i got installation error notification while installing the update.
installing the rp didn't fix it..

here is my installer log : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sfiy- ... S_HcjsrbvK

please kindly ur help :D :D
Hi, first of all, thanks for the tutorial Shaneee, very helpful.
But I seem to have some problems. After updating (all went perfectly during the installation), I get random reboots and freezes while using the OS.
I know this is happening to more people so I'd like to ask if @Shaneee, or someone with a working 10.13.6 can upload the contents of their EFI partition or ,at least, their config.plist
and kexts used.

Thanks to everyone in advance.

OK, never mind, I fixed it. The problem was that the prelinkedkernel wasn't being generated properly.
I just had to run
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sudo kextcache -i / && sudo kextcache -u / 
again, while in 10.13.6, and all the freezes and reboots are gone.
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by: decka
i Installed Combo update 10.13.6 from 10.13.13, Failed instal combo update but i Still Follow Instruction from Shanee
when i reboot again i check my Ryzentosh Updated to 10.13.6

Sorry my bad english
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by: Gabriel F

I just update from 10.13.2 to 10.13.6 was perfect as in video :p

Thank u
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by: spelton
Has anyone figured out the issue where the installer fails? I have been trying to find a solution for days and I have nothing. Really annoying. Is it a new issue or something?
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decka wrote: Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:45 am i Installed Combo update 10.13.6 from 10.13.13, Failed instal combo update but i Still Follow Instruction from Shanee
when i reboot again i check my Ryzentosh Updated to 10.13.6

Sorry my bad english
I tried doing this with my system but it didn't work. When I boot I get an error.
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by: joedub112
So what's the status of the 10.13.6 update? Are we stable or not? Or is it a "Your mileage may vary" situation? 10.13.3 is working fine for me so probably don't see any reason to update except for Xcode even though I'm not developing for Mac OS. Besides any major bugs I haven't seen should I bother? Seems like some are having major issues with crasheds and random reboots.
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