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by: Bazill
I apologize if this is the incorrect forum!

Not totally sure if it's pertinent, but here is my rig:

Processor: AMD FX 6300
GPU: GTX 1060
16gb of ram

I've been trying to use transmac to create my bootable USB drive. Transmac is able to format that drive without a problem but when I try to restore the image to the drive I get a "Could not write to mac volume" error. Is there any way around this? I've recently used the drive to install windows and had no problems using it then. I've tried changing the transmac disk drives option to allow access to read/write, and I've also tried changing the partition table for the drive with no success.


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by: Norton287
Sounds like the image is corrupt you might download it again and give it another try.
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by: Bazill
Oddly enough I think that might of worked. It surprises me given that I'd tried initially to use Niresh, and then AMD OS X and had the same issue. Redownloaded and it seemed to work. Get a panic as soon as I try to boot from it but at least I'm a little closer. Thanks!
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by: Norton287
Can you get a pic of the panic screen and tell me what config your booting in V5?
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by: Bazill
I'm not exactly sure what caused the panic but after I let it sit for a few seconds it continued the boot. After that I was able to get it installed and so far I have everything working but the audio! Right now I'm using the config_NVIDIAWeb.plist and it's working almost perfectly.
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by: Norton287
You want to boot to your hard drive. Then open your EFI parition till you can see your clover folder. Once you've done that you want to go to the root of your hard drive and open the Clover Files folder, inside is a clover folder, copy that clover folder. The back to your EFI partition showing your clover folder, now paste and replace all. Once thats done you want to rename config.plist in the EFI/Clover folder to config.old. The rename config_NVIDIAWeb.plist to config.plist and reboot. You should be able to boot without the USB.
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