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@AlGrey, I did both of these things and still nothing. I've just realised that changing the GenericUSBXHCI to:


actually stops those 4 USB ports at the back from working. I can send the IOReg of when the 4 USB ports at the back are working using the original GenericUSBXHCI kext if you want?


0x43d1022. ... you are missing a zero after the D ?
Ok send your IOreg now
Well the XHC0 usb controller is not initialized for some weird reason. What is your mobo ? Did you enable XHCI handoff in BIOS ?
@JohnSmith, then it will require some DSDT editing :
Code: Select all
@AlGrey, oh damn. Can I ask, why doesn't my Bluetooth stick (or the one connected via the internal USB 2 header) work anyway? When I'm using the unedited kext, macOS can see my bluetooth hardware and USB devices fine. How come it requires either that fix (which unfortunately works for everything expect connecting HID devices, but speakers etc work fine) or changing the kext? Why does macOS then treat it differently when the kext is edited?

A weird thing that does happen is that I paired my Magic Trackpad 2 to the Bluetooth USB dongle using the fix and then eventually I obviously changed everything back, but my trackpad will still connect to my Mac and control the pointer, but nothing in macOS shows Bluetooth working. The only thing I can see is the dongle is recognised as a USB device.
GENERICUSBXHCI breaks native support that is required for BT/DACs/Webcam support. The patch by Norton can bypass that issue, but it remains buggy.
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