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by: Deconseven
Hi Y'all,

I'm a Pro Audio guy that uses a Pro Tools HD - TDM based system.
Unfortunately, I can only run my DAW up to 10.9.5 without experiencing any major issues.
I'm considering a Ryzen 7 CPU, but would probably go the threadripper route if at all possible.

So that's my question, is the AMD Mavericks Kernal Ryzen ready? And is threadripper getting eventual support from y'all? Thanks!


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by: adgjk
I'm a Pro Tools guy too, looking to upgrade, however I can use the latest OS as I'm on PT12. Very much interested in Threadripper and would love to know the answer on this
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by: Shaneee
Yeah there's a Mavericks kernel available for Ryzen. Are you able to make an installer or is one needed? I could maybe make one when I've got time.
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by: Deconseven
Hi Shaneee,

Thanks for the help.
I still gotta save some cash before I can do this since a threadripper build will cost me around 1500 to 2000,- €.
I need to save up that money :thumbup:
I just wanted to know if this could be an option since a Ryzen 7 1800x setup would only offer around the same Digital Sound Processing as my Dual Xeon machine.

What do I have to watch out for when looking at X399 motherboards? Any specific do's and don'ts or is there a thread that describes this well enough?
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by: adgjk
This will work for Threadripper too? Which motherboard manufacturer works best with AMD Hackintosh, or doesn't it matter?

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by: Shaneee
When it comes to motherboards on AMD pretty much any one will work. Ryzen works on 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12 so I would assume Threadripper would too.
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by: Deconseven
Shaneee wrote: Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:31 am When it comes to motherboards on AMD pretty much any one will work. Ryzen works on 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12 so I would assume Threadripper would too.
Super! This is great! I'll start planning my build and hopefully be able to purchase it soon! :mrgreen:
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I found the board, I think I'm going to go with for the threadreaper:

USB-C will probably only work at USB 3.0 speeds according to this Reddit thread concerning the ASM3142 USB chipset. Native USB-C from the CPU and X399 is a mystery to me, but hopefully it will function.
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WiFi isn't compatible since it's an Intel 8265 card, but it looks like I could probably swap it out.

Ethernet should work with the following kext:
Code: Select all
Audio is a Realtek ALC 1220 and supposed to function with VoodooHDA
Code: Select all
Hopefully, I'll be able to try this out soon. :thumbup: :thumbup:
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by: simplefisik
Any updates concerning the project? Looking for my next build and the Treadripper is a possibility for me.

Thanks! :D
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