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okay so i successfully installed macos yosemete on my pc,everything seems to work so far ,I installed enoch bootloader so now i can boot without usb. Now i'd like to enable my gpu(amd R7 260X),internet(Ethernet) and sound ,i heard i need to replace kexts,can someone provide me the kexts i need and how to replace it.
Specs - Motherboard MSI MS-7640, CPU AMD fx8320, GPU Sapphire AMD R7 260x
Thanks in Advance!


Can anyone provide me kexts for my specific hardware for ethernet,audio and gpu (or at least give me the link) and guide me how to enable them,also which kext utility should i use? i have mentioned my specs below.
For your network use
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For your sound
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You want to unzip them and use kext utility to install them(see my signature for a link to it). The reboot and see if they work.
@Norton287 thanks but iam using amd r7 260x gpu and i need to enable it,also iam using enoch bootloader,I've heard that i have to add a fake id or something,i'm not sure how to do it.can you provide me the kext for my gpu and guide me on how to enable it and can you explain me the purpose of Onyx,whatevergreen and Lilu kexts? will i be needing them?.Thanks Again.
@eatTheBush, Hi ! Go to About this Mac > system report > graphics/displays and copy/paste the content of this tab here.
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