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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
So something I noticed a while ago is that when running Cubase on an AMD hackintosh, enabling Control Room will immediately cause the program to crash. I haven't been able to recreate this on my Intel systems, but even with a clean install of macOS on an AMD hackintosh I've been able to make this happen reliably.

After reading through the crash log what I realised is that all of the crashes I was experiencing in Cubase (including the control room one) were down to the surroundpanner VST that's built into Cubase.

The fix in my case was to remove the surroundpanner.vst3 file from Cubase.app/Contents/VST3. Keep a copy of it in case you decide you need it one day.

This got me thinking though - is it possible that this VST3 could be patched in the same way that Adobe software is? I have no idea.


Hey man, I'm experiencing the same issues. I'm currently reinstalling Cubase 10.5 on Catalina. Did removing the Soundpanner.vst3 file still resolve your issue. My Cubase seems to crash for the smallest of issues. I built this damn thing for Cubase and gonna be bummed if its never gonna work.
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