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ASRock X570 Creator, 3950X, Radeon VII - using iGPU's GitHub setup - No Audio, No TB, Errata.

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:26 am
by _vade
I have been able to successfully boot and run Catalina 10.15.4 using @iGPU's GitHub for the X570 Creator however I have no audio and no TB3.

Full hardware list:
  • ASrock X570 Creator running bios 2.10
  • 64 GB Ram running XMP 2.0 Profile 1 @ 3600
  • Radeon VII
  • Corsair MP600 1TB
No extra BT / Wifi hardware yet.

Bios: Used supplied iGPU user bios settings.

OpenCore 0.5.8

I have no audio and no TB3 devices at all. Little help for a newb! Thank you!

  • I see 'Driver Installed - No' in my system Info for my built in Audio - no audio functioning
  • 2.5G ethernet shows up as driver listed, but unlike iGPU's system info PCI screenshot, mine does not show as 'built in'
  • I see no TB3 devices at all
I've attempted to go through iGPU's very extensive GitHub repository and check modified the default config to disable SSDT loading for both internal and external bluetooth and not load the BT related kexts as I don't have a internal module swapped or the proper PCI card.

I've attached my EFI folder and some screenshots.
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Hi folks - sorry to bump this thread, genuinely curious if anyone has seen this issue and has some advice.

Thank you all!