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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
I recently moved from clover to opencore. Have only mac OS (no dual boot). System was working fine with clover.
I followed the guide here https://khronokernel-2.gitbook.io/openc ... top-guide/
I used the SSDT-EC-USBX.dsl for AMD provided in the guide.
Kexts: Lilu, VirtualSMC, AppleMCEReporterDisabler, RealtekRTL8111, VoodooHDA, WhateverGreen, XLNCUSBfix
Drivers: ApfsDriverLoader, AppleUsbKbDxe, FwRuntimeServices, VBoxHfs, HFSPlusLegacy
Created legacy boot usb and it booted fine - I have to add an usb bus so my bios sees the OC bootloader.
Removed clover from SSD efi and copied the OC/BOOT folders. Only issue is audio is cracking and very bad.
I updated macOS to 10.15.4 hoping it will fix. Now every time when I boot, the BIOS says checksum error and I have to go in and change the settings every time I boot. Due to this, shutdown works but not restart.

Audio: No clue why voodoohda is having issues. Anything I have to fix in my attached plist? Some have success using AppleALC in FX boards. I am not sure if I have to try that. I need microphone - I tried a usb webcam/microphone before but didn't work due to limitations in XLNCusbfix.

BIOS reset: Looks like it is an issue with 10.15.4
https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtrack ... -604608329
Can someone point me on how to use this RTCMemoryFixup kext and add fixes to the plist?
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Fixed BIOS reset: Downgraded to 10.15.3 and applied RTC kernel patch
Tried changing cpu speed in bios and added busratio. Still having crackling audio on both system sounds and any other sounds.
Tried AppleALC and hear sounds via hdmi. Still same crackling issue. May be voltage issue?
Only option is to go back to 10.15.1 with clover that works fine with voodoohda kext
Looks like audio needs some patches in opencore using FX or Ryzens
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plase give me EFI folder link download ? thank
ccphuc wrote: Sun Apr 19, 2020 7:43 am plase give me EFI folder link download ? thank
Added to OP. Change platform info as needed.
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Followed the RTC fix for 10.15.4 - Now 10.15.4 update works without any issues with bios reset. I am excluding 10-FF.
I can't reboot. Shutdown works. Have the audio crackling issue. I have to play with excluding ranges in RTC patch to figure it out.
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