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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: Maxime Di Meglio
Hello guys,

I'm experiencing OpenCL performance issues on my Catalina 10.15.3 hackintosh (specs in signature).
My GPU benchmark scores are low :
- Geekbench 4 : 110K OpenCL (should be 140K)
- Geekbench 5 : 34K OpenCL (should be 50K)

These are far from what I should be getting... Many people are getting the same performance issues on AMD, it seems, but I can't get it resolved. Intel hackintoshes are apparently not subjected to this.
Running the latest 17h patches, and iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS.
I'll upload my config.plist here.

Thank you guys, you're awesome :D

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by: SuX0rz
Having the same problems here. Kinda defeats the purpose of a Ryzen based hackintosh if the performance is so poor.
- Geekbench 5 OpenCL: 37K
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by: Shaneee
Known issue on AMD hacks. We assume it's because the binaries use Intel only CPU instructions which our AMD CPUs cannot utilize for obvious reasons.
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by: Mik Kof
Same thing here.
Geekbench 4 openCL: 129 k
Geekbench 5 openCL: 40 k

But I am still quite happy though.
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by: arximus
No news for fixing this? I dreamed about better 3d performance :D Just updated to opencore 0.5.6, fresh patches, new kexts. GBench5 shows 33k result on rx580. And Minecraft fps is pretty low in some cases. TW Warhammer 2 fps jumps from 10 to 60, especially low when camera show land with horizont... but when camera pointed on ground, fps is highest :lolno:
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by: cclau74
which is why my primary macOS is 10.14.6

10.14.6: Geekbench 5 GPU= 34k

10.15.4: Geekbench 5 GPU=22k

My GPU is Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 OC.

The problem is in Catalina GPU memory clock stays at 300mhz where as in Mojave it boosted to 1750mhz.
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This allows me to watch 4k60fps in Mojave very smooth, in contrast 4k60fps in Catalina is having some fps drops.

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