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by: crokman
I think modifying system kexts will be my last option.
But now MaciASL returns 6160 error. I will try again


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by: Shaneee
Remove HDEF. That's for onboard sound and the aml will compile.
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by: crokman
Did it but still with 7mb monitor.
Maybe I have to change something more. To be honest I'm not so confy with sstd dsdt editing
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by: Shaneee
Apart from modifying the kexts I'm out of ideas. Join the Discord server if you haven't already. There will be someone there with a better idea maybe. https://discord.gg/EfCYAJW
There's a couple people I can think of so if you join make a post in #gpu_support and tag me. I'll get them onto it.
OK, I am already a member of Discord server!
I will do it.
Just the last try. I will rebuild DeviceProperties with fakeids and will see what happens.
See ya on Discord
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In order to close successfully this tread, I post my full working EFI folder, just in case someone will need an help like me!
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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