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hi. i have a problem with installing mac os on my pc it gets stuck when clover tries to load the installer and i don't know what to do. im running a asus crosshair VII hero with a ryzen 2700X cpu and 32GB corsair vengence pro rgb 3200 mhz memory asus rog strix rx480 gpu. ive tried to install both catalina and mojave with the same problem.

anyone know any fix for this problem?


Switch to OpenCore. Some versions aren't supported by Clover patches.
Yes it's possible. I don't recommend using the same drive but it will work.
TheZerg1989 wrote: Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:18 pm can i dual boot with open core aswell? or there isn't a way to have both a windows partition and a mac partition on the same drive? i want to install both windows and catalina on the same nvme drive
Be careful about booting Windows with OpenCore. By contrast to Clover, OpenCore applies the ACPI patches and SSDTs (that we need for macOS to run on AMD hardware) to ALL operating systems. Your Windows installation might throw errors in Device Manager or something might not work right because of the ACPI patches. You don't need patches to boot Windows, so either boot to Windows using the UEFI boot manager from your BIOS or use a second boot manager (such as rEFInd or even Clover) and boot through OpenCore from there to get to macOS.

I don't like the way OC is forcing its patching on all operating systems, but the devs seem to have their reasons.

To install Windows and macOS on the same disk, you HAVE to start with macOS BEFORE you install Windows! Reason being that macOS requires a 200 MB EFI partition to install, but Windows creates a 100 MB partition if none exists. So start with macOS, THEN install Windows. (Alternatively, to install Windows first, you can manually create the EFI partition for it using the command line from the Windows installer... but that's advanced stuff.)

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