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by: gopal334
Still need to test what is fixed and what is broken. The upgrade itself was uneventful with OC.


Were there additional patches required? Or just a straight up update from the App Store with existing 10.15/10.15.1 install?

Enquiring mind wants to know.
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by: gopal334
No additional patches required. In my case I used the released 17H patches to reboot during install. There are two reboots during install/upgrade. It was a plain update on a an existing 10.15.1 install. I did get a notification that an update is available .
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by: Bensmith
Worked flawlessly for me too. Updating just like a regular Mac.

Anybody nervous to update? Don't be.

During installation it asks to do a restart, when you reboot just select the 15.2 installation (should be automatically detected).

To be honest, I don't notice any differences 'yet' between 15.1 and 15.2.
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