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hello there, I am looking at upgrading from High sierra to catalina. I am running a Hackintosh already fully stable
and I have a transferable config.plist there to use. if that is needed but I wouldn't know where to put it for an install but I have got to the bit of the tutorial for vanilla install where it brings up open core software and I have no idea what is is asking me to do. there is no mention of clover or mounting EFI's so I am at a loss what to do next
Bootloader Setup
The bootloader is what allows macOS to run on PC hardware. I recommend using ProperTree from CorpNewt to modify your config files.

We only support using OpenCore as the bootloader of choice.

OpenCore should be installed on the USB partition already if you've followed the tutorial so far.

OpenCore Setup
I'm not going to write out the procedure to configurate your OpenCore setup here. This would make this guide too long. There is however a very well maintaned OpenCore guide with an AMD section from Hackintosh Slav linked just below.

Below are the patches only not the full config for both 15h_16h and 17h setups compatible with OpenCore.

OpenCore Patches
These files only contain the patches not a full config. Please refer to the guide here from Hackintosh Slav.

If you require any assistance with setting up OpenCore read the documentation.
There is also a troubleshooting guide from Hackintosh Slav here. You can also visit our Discord server for help.
resource https://vanilla.amd-osx.com
my target CPU is 15h_16h amd fx 8350 but I dont know what to do with the file in the provided folder called patches.plist

and I am stuck here until I get clear instructions on the next process unless I am missing something? cheers !
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Or better still how do I just opgrade?


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