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by: Sac23
hello so I have a Rog Hero Crosshair VIII with 3950x CPU

I am trying to get a bootable working but I keep either getting stuck on cant load kernel or just stuck at ++++++++ please if anyone can help that would be awesome thanks in advance

and I'm sorry if I am saying anything wrong here I'm very new here :)
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If you are using Clover you'll need to switch to OpenCore for it to boot.
Read through the tutorial to create your own EFI. What I'm using might not work for you.
Did you include AppleALC? This will enable onboard audio but you'll need to set the layout ID. You'll need to know what Codec your motherboard uses then find it in this list, https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC ... ted-codecs
Once you've got it you'll see a list of available layout IDs. You'll then need to use the boot arg alcid=x, replacing x with a number. Try one at a time till you've got working audio.
You need to mount your EFI partition and add the boot arg under the NVRAM section.
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