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Hi everyone,

I am extremely new to hackintosh and have not successfully completed my own for a few reasons, the main being I wary how stable/reliable it will be in terms or running music production software like Pro Tools and Ableton. My current build is as follows
cpu: Ryzen 2700x
gpu: Amd Rx-580
mobo: Asus Prime b450-plus
I'm really only interested in installing Max OS X Sierra or earlier since I need firewire support and that is unfortunately phased out almost completely. I have been running on Windows 10 for some time with relatively little issues, but would like to have a OS boot specifically used for my studio work that will unlikely be upgraded unless absolutely necessary. Does anyone have any issues with audio transferring well through a hackintosh system and does it add anything in the way of latency and other issues like reading audio interfaces and other gear?
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


Hello !

I recently built a ryzentosh with the 3900X, ASUS X570 TUF GAMING, GTX 770, under Mojave. I'm really disappointed that Logic Pro X is working smoothly and Ableton like trash. It's like it's running at a very high buffer size. You can't even work like that, it feels like i'm on a old PC with a Pentium CPU...

I wonder if this happened to other music producers with a hackintosh but it seems that not everyone is using a hackintosh for Ableton
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