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by: GeorgettaCZ
Hallo everyone!

Well, I am part of multiple OSX-to-PC-hardware forums. But this time I was advised and pointed to this forum in a discussion regarding my problem with AMD GPU on hackintoshzone.com. I hope somebody from here might eventually be able to help me.
Cheers, gentlemen!


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by: bobinator
Hi Shane,

I found you via videos on YouTube. I have to say you have a great community. If it were not for you I probably would not have been able to create my Hackintosh on a Ryzen 1800X processor. It runs fantastic except for the usual suspects like iMessages as well as Private Internet Access vpn. Not sure the problem with that. It installs but when I attempt to connect it appears to but it kills my internet and then if I try to disconnect, it reboots the system. It's a shame because I like being able to use a vpn and this is the one I have paid for. These are my complete specs:

AMD Ryzen 1800X
!6 GB Corsair DDR4 3000MHZ RAM
500GB Western Digital NVMe M.2 Hard Drive (Hackintosh install drive)
Windows 10 Pro on separate 240GB Kingston SATA SSD
Linux Kubuntu 18.10 on same Kingston SSD
Seagate 2.0 TB Hard Drive
Zotac GTX1070 8GB Video Card
MSI 370X SLI Plus MB
Wifi via a Adegate AC1200 USB 3.0 adapter available on Amazon for cheap and works great on Hackintosh

Thank you for all the efforts to make this work. Perhaps someday Apple will figure out that people want options and not lock you out of their software because you think you can build better hardware (which I can). Bob
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by: Luoboutou
Well,I found you from a Chinese forum called "pcbeta.com "
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by: jpatten
Found you after trying to use a different amd-osx installer. I found a video on youtube and clicked the link to find this website and ended up using your installer. So glad I did, the support here is amazing and you have the best installers :) waiting on mojave now it'll be so great. I've been trying to learn alot more about this stuff so hopefully i can come on here and help others with their problems :D

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by: catdog
I was using youtube but most of the guides are for (Intel CPU) or a vm. Googled "AMD Hackintosh". :thumbup:
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by: matheusmm
typed OSX AMD on Google and got surprised! :thumbup:
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by: razorbladic
Youtube video, you were mentioned in the description part for reference :)
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by: torch2k
Just watched a LTT video n the 3900x. Got excited. Long time hackintosher but first time interested in an AMD build!
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