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by: Shaneee
Hey guys. I'm currently setting up a Wiki for AMD OS X.

I've currently got a page for Kernels, Supported CPUs, Common issues and Laptops. Do you have any suggestions for other pages or what should go into the current pages etc.

If you've got an idea please provide as much info as you can to enable me to add the correct info.

You can see a preview here,
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by: XLNC
A section for BIOS setting that should be taken care of before installing OSX would be grt !
i mean like what should me enabled or disabled etc etc.
and a list of arguments that can be passed to installer and at what situations and what these arguments do or mean .

and a section regarding warnings that what should not be done after installing osx (like updating ) :!:
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by: micheldiz
Will open to the community to add articles?
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by: Shaneee
@maxxnv, Nice idea. I'll work on adding it.

@micheldiz, I might enable it once it's ready.
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by: Silviolino
Its possible open to more languages? There are so many persons for all places of the world. If someone help its will be amazing. Here in Brasil i think 90% of people can't speak or read english. If you like my idea, i can help with portuguese br.
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by: Shaneee
@Silviolino, It's a good idea for sure but adding in different languages would take a long time and make the pages very long. I think the best suggestion is to use Google Translate on the page when needed.
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by: RagingDemon
Hi Shanee,

How's the wiki coming along?

I guess the biggest thing I can take away from my first hackintosh is that it's very confusing. I've just a few things that I believe a common for new hackintoshers. The wiki should be the first point of call before hitting the forums. A lot of the below can be found in posts on other sites such as Tonymac86.

1. Determining what parts to purchase before building
2. Deciding what version of MacOS to install
3. Finding simple installer and process.
4. Post installation
5. Tweaking
6. Dual booting

Keep up the great work!
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