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Hi all

I have put together a new system with a Ryzen 3900x, on a ASRock X570 Taichi motherboard, Vega 64 Nitro GPU, 64GB (2x32) Corsair Vengeance Ram. Truth be told, after over a decade in Mac-land, going back to PC builds has been a brain stretching experience.

So the problem: I believe I followed the AMD OSX Vanilla guide pretty well. I got all the Config.plist and EFI done as per Hackintosh Slav's in-depth site (with a LOT of head scratching and re-reading).

The USB drive starts to boot, but runs into an error after seconds, and doesn't really boot at all. The error seems to be EC related from what I can find on here and other searches of similar issues.

I think it's the AE_NOT_FOUND, that seems to be related to the SSDT being incorrectly configured, perhaps something to do with the EC. I used the SSDT-EC-USBX.AML from the Vanilla guide.

I did a dump of my SSDT from the machine and opened it in MaciASL, and it doesn't have and EC, or device PNP0C09 like the guide mentions.

I'm honestly at the end of my wits right now. I'm fairly certain I've followed the instructions in the Vanilla guide to the letter, but it's getting stuck on the attached screen.

Any help/hints would be greatly appreciated.
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Forgot to add, I did the Opencore Sanity checker and it was all fine... head scratcher.
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