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First off, thank you for being here. This is my first post and I need to dive right into my situation. I need to decide if I'm going to pull the trigger on this fast. Let me explain...

I was recently laid off from my job of nearly 14 years as a Photo Producer for Feld Entertainment. I've always wanted to work for myself, and now is my chance. I have the opportunity for a lot of freelance work, and have been accepted as a contributor for a magazine. My problem is that my 2012 Retina MacBook Pro needs to be updated. It can't keep up with the demands I've been placing on it.

I often work with large .psb files in Photoshop on really complex edits and have also been starting to edit video more often. I'll get into more specific requirements below.

Financially, I can't open any lines of credit and need to spend as little cash as possible. I have an open credit line at Adorama with a $2k credit at the moment. I could buy some parts from them and the rest from Amazon, etc., but I could buy a prebuild and add parts or upgrade. Please check these 2 machines and let me know if you think I could Hackintosh them out of the box with minimum additional upgrades, such as the wifi card, etc.

I think this is the best starting point:

Or maybe a Ryzen 7 to save a little more? I am a heavy Lightroom user so CPU performance is required for many functions,

Let me know if this or any others on Adorama might be a good starting point. An Intel processor would work just as well, but I should definitley go with an AMD graphics card, right? Here's some other requirements:

-I will add a second SSD for Windows, and plan to do a little gaming, but I'm not a big gamer. (I'd like both to me M.2 NvME)
-I'm thinking I'll add a decent size HDD and partition it for a couple uses (or some less expensive SSDs):
1.) Time Machine backup
2.) Clone of Primary drive when it's working so I always have an option if my primary gets messed up
3.) A drive to test OS updates
-Also, for main storage I plan to use 2 8TB drives in RAID one for cold storage of my life's work. It's all on portable drives now and I'm getting tired of them failing and replacing them.
-I want to add a Thunderbolt 3 card as I transfer large amounts of data very often. A day's photo shoot in RAW can easily be over 100GB.
-I want all Mac functions to work, including Bluetooth, WiFi, AirDrop, etc.

Please let me know what you think. They close for Passover after Wednesday.
John Igras


Adobe has issues on AMD CPUs, I think there are patches to disable affected functionality but probably not optimal for productive use.
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