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by: Rickyandika
Hi, i have successfully create my first hackintosh ever. Im using Ryzen 2600 , AsRock Ab350 Pro4, with saphire nitro + rx 580 4gb.. it boot up fine and everything works but i think i have a few minor problem with the GPU.

First if i were to use a software screen recorder like quicktime or obs the end result would be very blurry like it was 480p(the file size shows 1080p and on obs i set everything to max at 1080)

Second, i think im getting way weaker GPU Performance on Mac vs windows. I have tried using geekbench and got 34977 on metal and 24967 on OpenCL. Does this number sounds right?

The kext i use for graphic are whatevergreen and lilu. Is there any other kext i should use to improve performance? I heard someone says i should enableATI buy im using opencore and as far as i know its not available?


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by: tikizondo94
Normal GPU performance with Ryzen. I average 29K with Geekbench 5 in Compute/OpenCL with an RX580 8GB Model.
You can run AGPMInjector to create a GPU PowerManagement Kext that may help some. Attached is a link to the app. Just select your SMBIOS and card version.
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