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by: Alif Ilhan
I have read the patches.plist files in github. I saw things like forcing CPUID and cpu family from GenuineIntel to AMD. If I patch in the same way for other unsupported cpus like atom or celeron,will it work? Should I try modifying the patches.plist file?


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by: Shaneee
No these patches will only work for AMD systems with the CPU Family 15h, 16h and 17h.
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by: Alif Ilhan
Thank you for your reply. But I actually meant if I change the patches for AMD to Atom or Celeron (for example change the AMD CPUID pushed by the patch to a Celeron CPUID and all of them reverted to the Celeron) should it work?. I mean can I work in the same way for other CPU as it is done for AMD?
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by: Apophis
If you look at other hackintosh forums you'll find people getting Celerons to work with fake id's, but these AMD patches do much more than just changing the CPUID to get MacOS to work...
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