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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
After installing Mojave on my rig, I installed Clover 5102 on the boot volume (an APFS volume on a GPT-formatted SSD), choosing the UEFI options (since my ASUS Sabertooth 990FX mobo is UEFI capable). I cannot get the system to boot from that drive; it either fails over to the Windows 10 boot drive, or to another GPT-formatted drive with Chameleon installed. From a different Mojave boot drive, also GPT-formatted, also having a Clover UEFI install, but with a conventional jHFS+ partition, I get "boot0: GPT / boot0: GPT / boot0: error" when trying to boot. The install USB is formatted MBR, and that's the only way I can boot Mojave right now.

Reading through some of the guides & tutorials, it would appear that I need to disable CSM (or at least de-prioritize it) in order to do a UEFI boot. However, when I do disable it, the BIOS is saying the setting is incompatible with the installed devices, and makes me go back into the settings to change it. Leaving CSM enabled, and setting the boot preference to "UEFI first" hasn't worked either. Do I need to go back and redo the Clover install for Legacy BIOS? I have at least established that a Chameleon boot from a GPT-formatted drive is possible--how do I get the same success with Clover, so that I can wean the machine off the install USB?
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UPDATE: I went back and reinstalled Clover for Legacy BIOS. First attempt still got the "boot0: GPT / boot0: GPT / boot0: error" messages; I went back and checked the box for installing boot0ss on the MBR, and ... IT WORKED! :thumbup:
So my boot SSD can now boot on its own. :) Now on to other issues ...


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