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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: MadMax1998
Wow guys, I didn't know this topic had spawned those replies! I had figured out on my own that there is indeed a 32 bit component (the video engine :roll: ) in Pro Tools and that prevents it from starting on vanilla AMD hacks. I checked the DUC thread where PT users kept asking for Catalina support and figured that as soon as Avid released a Catalina-compatible version, the issue would be solved. The thread actually discussed the issue of PT still having 32 bit parts and that they needed to be patched out. IIRC, on December 29th Avid then announced Catalina support with 2019.12. So the problem *should* be fixed if you get the update.

I myself have been stuck on 12.5 and am not planning to go back to a current Pro Tools plan, so I switched to Studio One which I had been wanting to do for a while. But if anyone can confirm their PT works now, we can close this thread.


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by: Ilan Cortes
I just bought another SSD to test the newer version of Pro Tools. (I've already booted WIN on my current SSD)... will report later with results.
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by: Fona
Any updates on Protools running on an AMD Hackintosh? This is the one reason I haven‘t started getting parts ...

Thanks guys!
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by: Ilan Cortes
Catalina is installed using OpenCore boot loader , I have to buy Pro Tools since only the subscription based version is supported in Catalina. Waiting for them to approve a student discount...

Will report another update soon!
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