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Help with AMD OS X after installation.

I recently upgraded my Ryzen Hackintosh to Mojave using the new on-the-fly Kernel patching method, and as was the case in High Sierra, my SATA Blu-ray drive isn't being detected. When I go to System Report in About This Mac, SATA lists the controllers as "Generic AHCI Controllers" and is only detecting the SSD I'm booted off of and the additional hard drive I have connected. The Blu-ray drive is detected fine in Windows and has no problems. My BIOS has SATA set to AHCI.

Now, while Googling around for answers, I discovered on this forum that other people with the same AMD chipset as my motherboard (AMD B350 chipset; my motherboard is ASRock AB350M Pro4) were able to resolve their SATA-related issues by downloading and installing the chipset package that was available at this link: http://amd-osx.com/forum/app.php/bbdown ... ckage.html Unfortunately, that link is dead, and the download section above only has links to patched Kernels, information about Clover, and something that's "Coming Soon". Even the Wayback Machine was of no help.

If someone still has the chipset package, could they please share it with me? Otherwise, can someone help me fix this issue?


iWin32 wrote: Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:25 pm If someone still has the chipset package, could they please share it with me? Otherwise, can someone help me fix this issue?
Your CPU and chipset will have limited to zero impact on the recognition of a SATA BluRay player - assuming your other sata devices, like ssds, are functioning.

I would google [Name of BluRay player] or [BluRay controller chipset] and kext. If you are unsure, go to your device manager in windows to collect this information. The controller info may be more helpful. You can think of kext files like drivers in Windows. That is what you need to find to get macOS to recognize your BluRay player.
The kext solution was a dead-end, but I got it working. Don't know what did it, but here's what I did:
  • Physically switch the SATA port the drive was plugged into on the Motherboard
  • Turn on SATA Hot Plugging in the BIOS
  • After remembering that I also had a Sierra backup install on another internal hard drive, I booted off of that, and it was working.
  • Then, rebooting into Mojave, it worked as if nothing was wrong in the first place
It's important to stress that at number 2, I rebooted back into Mojave and it still wasn't there. Booting into Sierra got it working, and now it's mysteriously started working in Mojave. I'm not questioning it right now, but it's working (again, in a different port than it was before). Just thought I'd share in case anyone else has a similar issue. I'll update this if I figure out what causes it to work/not work/etc.
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I'm also having this same issue with my OpenCore bulid 0.5.5 in Catalina. I did eventually get the drive to work in Mojave but upon a couple of reboots it stopped working its a maddening problem. Is it still working in your system @iWin32.

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