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This is my Workstaion that I use with Cubase Pro 10 for music production:

1950x OC 3.75 GHz
Asus Rog Strix X399 E Gaming
Gigagbyte Vega 56
64 Gb DDR4 3000 MHz
Cooler Master Master Liquid 360
Samsung NVME 970 500 Gb for Mojave
Samsung 850 SSD 500 Gb for libraries
Samsung 1 Tb for Windows 10

On Windows 10 in Cubase pro for music production I can run about twice virtual istruments, and effects as:

Number of Synth DIVA tracks 5 notes per track same cubase setting and I got:
WIN 10: 21 instances - CPU in tast manager used at 97%
MOJAVE: 12 instance - CPU in Activity monitor used at 54%

I chaged SMBIOS - SMC - Audio interface - GPU - GPU position - combination of kext: same results

Other Benchmarks that showed low performance:
GeekBench showed the win 10 and Mojave had about same points CPU benchmark BUT
I got this results on Novabench:
https://media.discordapp.net/attachment ... height=375 3723 total poins in Win 10
https://media.discordapp.net/attachment ... height=376 1311 total points in Mojave

They shows that compared to Win 10 Mojave is really underperforming!

Novabench showed also that the VEGA 56 is also underperforming in Mojave so I tried GeekBench 5 OpenGL that confirmed that.

I can also confirm that because I tried to stress the GPU in gaming process and I got very low FPS in Mojave compared to Win 10 like lower that half FPS in Mojave - Game tested: Fortnite

At now I think that is not a good idea for me using a 1950x + Vega 56 Hackintosh as a workstation: Mojave runs smooth but at half power that Windows.

If there is a kind of solution for that it will be great!
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AMD Threadripper need Windows at now for workstation use

I hope that will come a new version of Ryzen kernel that will fix that
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The audio performance in CUBASE 10 are very low also in an INTEL i9 9900k Hackintosh so the low audio performance are due not to the AMD Hackintosh itself but it could be due to not optimized Cubase on Mac or not optimized Virtual instrument for MAC
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I don't know on Novabench if it is the same
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Hi SMFudo,

I also have issues with this GPU under MacOS. I really think that is GPU related as it deviate from reference design... if you find more information about that, I'll be glad to learn!

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