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by: VaultIvi117
Hi, I have some trouble to install OS X Mojave in my build, I followed the Vanilla OS X guide, but when I boot from my USB at this point the monitor got signal but didn't show anything. Any suggestion?

- FakeSMC.kext
- NullCPUPowerManagment.kext
- Whatevergreen.kext
- Lilu.kext
Before black screen img
Before black screen img
IMG_20190919_184451.jpg (4.44 MiB) Viewed 154 times


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by: frle10
I don't have a solution to this as I'm facing the same problem, I just tried to install from USB after thoroughly following the Vanilla guide. After many lines of status messages the system seems to advance to install phase but instead stays on a completely black screen with no response.

I have pretty much the same CPU as you and I'm using VirtualSMC instead of FakeSMC kext.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing the problem?
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by: VaultIvi117
I tried to unplug and plug back, and didn't work for me, any suggestions? Or any idea about this issue?
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by: frle10
I've found another post on this forum where a user had a black screen but after the installation. Might not be related to our problem but it is worth a try.

XLNC suggested in that topic that one should try run the installer with these bootflags:
-lilubetaall radpg=15

viewtopic.php?f=52&t=3814&p=36927&hilit ... 870#p36927

You can change the bootflags in Clover bootloader when you boot from USB in the menu before clicking "Boot MacOSInstaller", there is an Option menu.

P.S. I've had a much bigger problem appear too, after letting the black screen be for a while, my computer went into sleep after some time and afterwards did not POST anymore. Couldn't even get to Windows. Had to clear CMOS by adjusting the jumpers on the motherboard so be careful. :)

EDIT: I think those bootflags above are connected with Radeon GPU behavior. I think this problem has to do something with AMD GPUs? Not sure. However, it is worth a try no matter what configuration you have, and post your results. :)
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UPDATE: I tried several things and had no success... However I will post my methods here so you can try them out too.

So I tried:
- reppluging the video cable
- unplugging the second monitor cable
- flag -lilubetaall and radpg=15 combined
- flag radpg=15 alone
- flag -radvesa alone
- changed flag npci=0x2000 to npci=0x3000 and added flag PCIRootUID=0 (combined)

When I played with bootflags I only added new ones or modified the existing ones, I never removed ones that were there by default.
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by: VaultIvi117
Sorry for answer late, I tried everything and nothing. I read about a possible solution, it's swap from HDMI to DP, but I don't have DP.
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by: Doesha
boot with -radvesa first and see if it boots. it should boot with your graphics showing like 14mb with no acceleration. if this boots, you will have to modify threeor 4 kexts with the correct PCI ID '0x67DF1002' under IOPCIMatch string using iHEX form the appstore. .

MY RX 580 I only had to modify AMDRadeonX4100.kext and AMD95100Controller.kext, but I would try all 4 at first.
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