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by: Landi.Erik
Hi All,

First time long time haha,

CPU: R7 1700 (3.9 GHz OC)
GPU: 2x-XFX-RX580s
Memory: 32 GB Corsair LPX 3200 DDR4 (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W)
Wireless: TP-LINK Archer T9E AC1900 (BCM94360CD)
Bluetooth: ASUS-BT400 (BCM20702A1)
MOBO: MSI x470 Pro Gaming Carbon
Ethernet: Intel Ethernet (MOBO)
Audio Codec: RealTek AC1220 (MOBO)

Tutorial and Links I used: https://hack.slim.ovh/mojave/#/

OS downloaded from app store on my main MacBook Pro

So I've got pretty much everything working, Wifi works out of the box, Bluetooth also working but only After logging in. Ethernet, Audio and USB are all functional. And I applied the AMD VoodooTSCSync kext, and got multi monitors setup.

First question/help needed is how do I get Bluetooth functional at the Login screen? I want to use my bluetooth keyboard at the login screen, it works only after you login to a user profile. Also if it's possible I would like to use the same keyboard at the EFI/Clover Bootloader screen, any steps on how I could achieve this (I think it has to do with the BT-400 in HID mode)?

Second question how can I get the 7.1 Channel audio working? Normally in windows you can set one of the Line In jacks into the "Side speaker" output.

Last question, are there any usefull AMD specific CPU optimization Kexts that I should install?

I'm a long time Mac OS user, Linux tinkerer, Software guy so don't be to afraid to go deep into rabbit hole.

Thanks Everyone,


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