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by: glvercellone
Hi, I would like to do my first Rayzen-Hackintosh with operating system: mojave.

This is the HD configuration of my PC:
MB: MSI Gaming plus X370
CPU: Ryzen 7 1700
Memory: 16 GB
Video card: Radeon Rx 570

Please, you can confirm me:
1. Is the hardware compatible to do a Hackintosch?
2. If the answer to the previous question is Yes, which guide do you suggest?

Best regards, Luca.


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by: neoney
I have been trying to install macOS for what's about a year now. Never made it past the prohibited sign, which always appeared. However, i have really similar specs - same gpu, and the tutorial apparently supports FX's too, so my FX 8300 should work. I will try to install it, and edit / reply to tell if i was successful!
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by: alhermoar
The forbidden sign appears most likely because you are missing either fakeSMC or virtualSMC from your kext files inside clover. The kext folder has an entry for each OS and an extra one called Other, just delete everything except for the folder called Other, then place the kexts inside. Depending on your configuration you might also need to other other kexts inside to make the video/networking/audio work correctly. I am using a B350 Asus motherboard and so far everything works out of the box. Haven't tried sound and I am also using lilu and whatevergreen for my RX580 but I think it will work just fine without those. Still need to confirm that.....
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by: glvercellone
Thanks Syat K,
I followed the guide that you suggested : https://hack.slim.ovh/mojave
and I was able to install everything without problems.

Now everything works, at boot it starts "Mojave" (I installed Clover and the boot settings on the HD).

Now I would like to switch to version 14.1.5 without losing everything, what should I do?

Best regards, Luca.
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