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I knew it would happen eventually, but I have been flying with my new Ryzen 7 hackintosh for over a month with no issues and I decided to try the next security update.

Luckily I have already made mistakes before and I had a full drive backup with Carbon Copy cloner, so I was able to roll it back. However, I was not expecting this particular issue, and I haven't seen any information about it yet..

Post upgrade my system would auto reboot before getting to the display drivers (roughly, I didn't have verbose logging on at the time). I don't see any updates in the AMD vanilla git, so I am assuming this is either really new, or I have some garbage in my EFI that has caught up to me.

For now, I am just curious if anyone else has had an issue with this update.


Much appreciated. I will have another overhaul of my OC setup then. I must have missed something... Cheers!
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I thought I would add and update, after some days of testing..

I upgraded to OpenCore 0.5.7, and did a clean sanity check on my config.plist. Upgraded my kext's and related settings, and generally tried to tighten up my setup.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my system and consider it to be 99% functional. Audio works, ethernet, sleep, USB mapping (thanks to someone else who had done the heavy lifting for my motherboard), dual booting to a separate Windows 10 ssd and I even managed to get iMessage alive again.

However, I have a nagging issue that I can now replicate easily, but likely may just have to live with.

If my system reboots to either a Recovery partition or performs a security update that requires booting from a temporary partition, when the reboot back to my main OSX drive happens, the kernel will panic and I will be in a boot loop. This is post choosing my boot drive.

What is very interesting is, if I boot from my handy CarbonCopy cloner backup drive, then simply use Startup Disk to choose my main OSX drive, the system will reboot and everything is fine. No changes to OC, or my config, no NVRAM clearing...

I have filmed the error in process, but even at 120 fps, it goes so fast, the info is not very helpful. At some later date I may use a debug version of OC and look at the logs, but for now it is just a hackintosh oddity I can live with.

I am not doing Catalina yet because I don't want to burn my old app bridges for now..

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