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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
Hey there everyone,

I want to say that it is amazing that MacOS is running on AMD hardware... this is running much smoother than it did on my old Intel setup! :)

The title says it all. Everything is working on my build (specs in my signature) except for iMessage and FaceTime specifically. It's giving me a authentication error with a customer code supplementing my Apple ID. I did contact Apple and there was a activation block in place... I wasn't able to even connect to iCloud. The advisor whitelisted my serial and everything in my SMBIOS is perfect -- followed multiple guides to fix my cache, SMBIOS information, yada yada and triple checked.

I still can't get iMessage to work. It gives me the customer code still. I used iMessageDebug, saved the output, restarted the machine and compared the new output to the old output. All is well in that department... everything matches. I decided to test my NVRAM during reboots as well, just to see. NVRAM is holding my test variables without a hitch.

So, my question for you all is this: Are there any AMD-specific workarounds for this issue that has been stumbled upon? I have searched and searched and I can't find anything that stands out. It seems like some peoples builds just work out of the box whereas some have to play around with it. Curious if anyone could help lead me to the water, and possibly others facing the same problem :)

Thank you!

EDIT: I kept digging around and found that the MLB value Clover was automatically generating based on S/N and ROM is invalid. There is a nice program out there that I found called 'macserial' which pulls information from EFI's config.plist, and checks to make sure the ROM, MLB, S/N, etc. that you have in your config.plist match up. In my case, even though I followed a few guides to get iMessage working, the program detected a checksum error in the MLB value. The program was then able to generate a correct MLB for me! After updating my config.plist in the EFI partition with the proper values and rebooting, iMessage gave me a new customer code to give a Apple advisor. The advisor indicated that there was a iMessage block (instead of a software issue like before), and said the block will be lifted anytime within 24 hours "as a one time exception". I'll report back after then.


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