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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
Hey everybody, so I have set up my Ryzentosh using the Vanilla guide and it is running perfectly smooth on High Sierra 13.6. But I experienced a mayor problem when trying to install the old Adobe CS5 suite (since you need no subscription for it ;) ): Firstly the installer refused to start and after getting the CS5 suite installed to my drive using some sneaky bypasses (cloning the installation to an external drive, that was then connect to my MacBook to run the installer from there) Photoshop is the only application that actually starts :lolno: .
However I managed to figure out the cause of the problem: Aside from Photoshop, all programs of the CS5 suite are 32-bit applications (including the installer LOL!). So while Photoshop is able to start (64-bit) every piece of 32-bit software is blocked, which made me wondering why, since the official support for 32-bit software from Apple's side just ends with macOS Catalina (I validated my theory, that the 32-bit bus is the problem by trying to launch other 32-bit programs, e.g. TextWrangler). So my final conclusion was that the drop of support for 32-bit software must be due to the patches applied by the clover config, since by MacBook, again, was able to run e.g. Illustrator or InDesign on the exact same installation.

So my actual question: Does anyone know, if the 32-bit support is actually dropped by the patches and if so, is there a way to avoid it? Even if this problem can't be solved without destabilizing the installation, it would be nice to know, why 32-bit support has to be disabled in order to make the installation work.
Thank you, for any answers, I would really like to understand more about the way the patches make the boot possible :thumbup:


Vanilla AMD does not support 32 bit applications. It says so in the readme.md on the GitHub project page:
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    No 32-bit support (OPEMU) in 10.14 and lower
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