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Hey everyone, so I recently installed macOS 10.13.6 on my machine using the Vanilla Guide. Huge Thanks to everyone, who contributed to the guide, files and kext repository, your doing great work, since it was quiet simple to get High Sierra up and running! :thumbup: Most things work quiet well (Hibernation :mrgreen: , iMessage & iCloud, etc.) just some minor sound problems with the AppleALC.kext, but I'm using a USB Soundcard anyway that works OOB.

However I am wondering if it is possible to manually change the title of the boot volumes from "Boot macOS from 'DriveName'" to something more simple like just "macOS" – as it is the case with the boot loader on real Macs. Although this is just an "esthetic tweak", I would like to it – think of it like a prove of concept ;)
I already tried entering a custom Boot Entry, but somehow that is not showing up in the boot screen.
So I would be really happy, if anyone out there is experienced enough with the Clover GUI and could help me! Thanks for any suggestions! :thumbup:


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