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found this but it doesn't work.

To force the system to use USB Bluetooth dongle by default, run the following command:
sudo nvram bluetoothHostControllerSwitchBehavior=always
This will modify your boot kernel arguments.
To do opposite, use never.

The change would be applied after the reboot. To return to the default, run:
sudo nvram -d bluetoothHostControllerSwitchBehavior


Use Bluetooth Explorer https://developer.apple.com/downloads/
Expand Hardware IO tools, download package, install.
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BTW why don't you unscrew and remove the whole wifi + BT module ?
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zzmadd wrote: I can disable wifi but haven't seen bluetooth.
It's on the same chip, worth turning it off and give it a try.
that's an idea!!
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The WiFi chip is already disabled, thanks.
I just looked at the module on the motherboard and it's one thing with the antennas ports that face the back of the board.
I'm not sure it can be unscrewed, there are two tiny screws that come from underneath the motherboard.
But then I'm not sure, because there's a kind of a metal box surrounding the package.
I installed bluetooth explorer, but is there a way to switch adapter?
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In the app Host Controller Selector doesn't show any of the two and it's the only function that seems useful...
Yes you remove the screw from the bottom :
Code: Select all
In bluetooth explorer look for HOST CONTROLLER SELECTOR
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OK well, than just unscrew the module I hope you don't have water cooling. :lol:
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thanks a lot!
it shows none of the two, basically no host controllers are available
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Ok, so it's a plugged in module and I can remove it
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I can remove it but...why is not seeing any of the two module?
yes just like that Image
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ok, I do it
for sure it won't see the built in module, then I hope the external will work.
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thanks a lot!
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The Bluetooth deal has happened!!
Thanks Norton287
Thanks AlGrey

I hope it's going to be reliable :D :D
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by: AlGrey
:thumbup: awesome
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by: zzmadd
well, it worked and then this morning it doesn't anymore.
the adapter runs, sees the devices but fails to pair with any of them...
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