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General chat and support for running on a Virtual Machine.


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by: Vyverm
I'm looking for a VM too.
Did anyone tried to use the normal methods to install in a VM ? Has anyone succeed ?
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VMware guide available over at the Knowledge Base
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by: efxtr
IOIIIO wrote:VMware guide available over at the Knowledge Base
Thanks a lot, I was able to install it. Is there any guide on how to update 10.14.1 (current image in the knowledge base) to 14.4?
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by: Hirokami
Hi! Thank you for the tutorial! Now I'm installing the OS on my VM. BUT, after all the steps, can I Sign In with my apple ID? Because there in the second-last page of tutorial, there is a warning that says "Go through the setup process but DO NOT SIGN IN WITH YOUR APPLE ID, choose "Set Up Later"". So that means that at the very end of the tutorial, can I Sign in without problem? Thanks

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