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Fully working on AMD FX-8350! (with graphic glitch :?)

It is possible update to 10.13.3 without messing up?!

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Not with enoch bootloader, the 2908 version was supposed to allow updating but I tested it and it did not work. Been testing clover but getting a firmware error from unlocker.
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Something coming soon in Beta, very tedious but worth it.
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Hello Everyone
I need help please. I downloaded VRware and did all the steps to install macOS. I added smc.version = "0" too. I got stuck on a black screen with apple logo in the middle (please see attached pics)
Can anyone please tell what am I doing wrong?

CPU ryzen 1600
Motherboard gigabyte x370 gaming k3

Thank you in advance
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Hello... 2 very noob questions. Is there a basic tutorial for creating virtual machines in VMware Player on the forum here??
Because I can't get this to work at all. Am I supposed to create a new macOS virtual machine with unlocked VMware Player 14, then remove the newly created VMDK hard disk and then add the newly downloaded VMDK as the hard disk? And add the "cpuid.1.eax" line to the VMX file? Is that all there is to it?

Because no matter what I do I get this error:

And it makes me very sad and frustrated... Please help me! :(

I made sure to have enabled AMD-V CPU flag in UEFI. Ran VMware Player as admin and assigned Full Control permissions to all VM files and folders to Everyone.

Systems specs:
Threadripper 1950X
ASRock X399 Taichi
32 GB RAM 3000 MHz
NVMe Samsung 960 Evo OS
SATA SSD for VM host drive (not in the default C:\Users path as I don't have enough space there)
GTX 1080 graphics card

I'm sorry if this post breaks any forum rules... I've made sure to read and search as much as I can before posting.
Hi All, newbie here.

I've had some success installing with virtualbox 5.2.3. I've run into two problems so far:

1. if I set # of cores to more than 1, I see these types of errors once it gets to the login screen:

ACM: findCredentialsSet returning, err=-2
ACM: createCredentialsSet: Credential set created, CS[127]

2. I was unable to update to 10.13.3. Running "preinstall" from the HighSierraAMD Volume didn't find the "macOS Install Data" dir under /Volumes/macOS. When I rebooted, OS X was still 10.13.2 so the update backed itself out (hey, thank you Apple for handling this nicely).

But I am able to run 10.13.2 with one cpu rather well. Feels a bit slowish but that's probably due to virtualbox and Windows rubbish filesystem on the host.
I just wanted to post this screenshot of this VM running in VMWare Player 14 without the graphics glitch (green icons, etc.).

Since I first found this VM, I have reinstalled Windows and replaced my CPU, RAM, and motherboard. Before, I had DDR3 RAM and an FX-8300. Now, I have DDR4 RAM and a Ryzen 1700. I had to reinstall VMWare (since I reinstalled Windows), and I recreated the VM. The result is the above seemingly graphics-bug-free High Sierra VM. I don't know if I did anything special to cause it to display the icons and stuff correctly which it previously displayed as green or multicoloured blocks.

EDIT: Of course, there is no sound and extremely limited USB support. In fact, the USB devices I tried did not register in the VM at all. But I've given up on that for the most part.
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